Happy Mother’s Day


We had a wonderful day pleasing mom in appreciation for all she does for us. A beautiful spring day in Osaka with a beautiful woman! Happy Mother’s Day Nadia!

It was Nadia’s day and so we all went on a run with her in the morning, helped her clean her classroom and get ready for this week and then take her out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. She especially liked the bike ride home from the restaurant!

I also met up with my brother Andy’s college roommate, Katsu. He is from Osaka and is a proud graduate of Northern Michigan University, my brother’s alma mater. It was nice to connect with a “yooper” and we had a facetime chat with Andy. I can see why they were friends, he is a very nice guy.


Springtime in Japan is so refreshing. The flowers on our balcony are out in full force this week. It is really hard to be in a bad mood with such gorgeous days and cool nights.



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