A Sublime Birthday!

I was quite emotional yesterday on my 52nd birthday. I think as you get older, you appreciate all the good things in your life. It was a full day with our school hosting our annual School Festival. It started with Ocean performing in her last elementary school concert. Her class sang the Chainsmokers’ “All We Know” which became my theme song of the day. She is so beautiful and turning into a woman way too quickly. As I always say, she is the best of the Kralovecs.

Watching my gorgeous wife Nadia making my favorite meal, pizza rolls in the afternoon was touching. My mother used to make pizza rolls, which was a neighborhood recipe my grandmother picked up from her Italian immigrant neighbors. Nadia described it aptly as the concept of a cinnamon roll, except substitute the bread dough for pasta dough interspersed with ground pork and baked with a strong red sauce. A hearty meal that I eat many less in one sitting than I did when I was growing up. She also baked me an apple pie, something my mom did as well, instead of a traditional birthday cake.

Two of my favorite pies for my birthday – pecan and apple!

Each of my children wrote me heart-warming cards and I got two Amazon gift cards. Our close friends, the Boocks, came over and the two families had an enjoyable evening. True to form after a big meal, lots of laughter and a few glasses of wine, I fell asleep. The end of a magnificent day for me. You are not supposed to tell anyone what your birthday wish is, but I don’t really believe in this. My wish was that I could stop time and relive yesterday anytime I wanted to. I am grateful for all that I have in my life. Thanks to everyone for remembering me on my special day!

Ocean’s card

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