Beautiful Spring: Late May 2019 Journal

Journal June 1, 2019
Perfect roads, respectful drivers, beautiful scenery makes biking in Japan the best

The warm weather I think is hear to stay and with the longer days, I’ve been getting outdoors as much as possible. This is one of my favorite times of year with lots of fresh new green leaves, cool breezes in the evenings and mornings and bright sunny skies.

May ended yesterday and our time in Japan is winding down. We are leaving at the end of this month. The thing I will miss most about life in Japan is the ease of cycling here. Almost every morning I get out on the bike, at least for 45 minutes and it is so refreshing and a great way to start the day.

Journal June 1, 2019
Owen and Oliver keep Ocean’s booth active during the exhibition

In going through my photos to upload to Flickr, I notified photos from Ocean’s PYP Exhibition that took place in mid-May. She got a migraine during the performance portion and had to go home. After the performance, her classmates continued with their table demonstrations. Without Ocean there, her table was empty, but her brothers, Owen and Oliver, stepped in and explained her booth to visitors. It was so cute how they helped their little sister!

We are also saying our goodbyes to the community. Last Sunday our friends Sharon Almog and Cary Mecklem organized a farewell picnic in Kita Senri Park. I really enjoyed playing Ultimate Frisbee with the kids and laughing at some good conversation in the park. We walk through Kita Senri Park often to go to the train station or on Nadia’s run and we have a lot of fond memories there. It was also nice to spend the entire day outdoors!

Journal June 1, 2019
Surrounded by friends in Kita Senri Park

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