Owen Attends Prom 2019

Owen, Harry, Ryo and Yuki in front of the Osaka Central Public Hall

Nadia and I enjoyed the prom probably more than my son Owen. The Osaka International School annual holds prom in the first week in June at a hotel. Owen is in grade 10 and this is his second prom. Together with some other parents, we rented a limousine for Owen’s friends. The parents took a lot of pictures. Our children are growing up and high school prom is one of those events that mark the passing of time for parents, as our children are children are entering their teenage years (we have two teens and one that thinks she is a teenager). It is so rewarding to see the succession of events as they proceed through school and eventually leave us :(.

Owen with his date Do Hee at our home

Prom is an old American tradition, beginning in the 1800s on the university level in the north east. Graduating classes held a “promenade” or formal dance to help the students polish their social skills. I taught the boys how to put on a tie and it is funny to see them squirm in their formal wear. The tradition of prom eventually passed down to high schools and after World War II, many proms moved from being held in the school gymnasium to nice hotels.

In some ways Japan is a great place for teenagers. The conservative nature of the Japanese limits teenagers use of alcohol and drugs and other risky behaviors. It is quite innocent here compared to other countries.

As a leader in the school, I always try to attend prom as a chaperone and with my children now attending, it is extra special. We tried to stay out of way and help out. Nadia and I had a nice dinner afterwards and Owen went out with his friends after the prom. The prom started at 5:00 PM and ended at 8:00 PM, so we all got home at a decent hour.

Outside our house with the limousine

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