Almost There

Bill and Goran, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

It has been a tremendous week of early mornings for Goran and me dealing with the snow and cold temperatures. Goran is the head of the maintenance and security at the school. He and his crew started the week plowing the school grounds, parking lots, and nearby roads to make them passable for the community. He also was dealing with getting the buses to the homes through the snow-filled streets of the Belgrade suburbs. Finally today, he was trying to heat up diesel engines on four of our buses as the cold, bitter temps were freezing our fleet at school. That doesn’t include clearing the icicles from the roofs, salting sidewalks and steps for pedestrians, and maintaining the heating system.

We are pictured in the parking lot of the high school, still managing to smile after a crazy, but very interesting week. We are all looking forward to February Break which starts this weekend.

Billy Kralovec – circa 1972?

Memories, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We went to the US Commissary in the Embassy last weekend and bought some US processed cereals for the kids. We usually have pancakes, eggs, or porridge and not cold cereal. Growing up in the 1970’s, my brothers and I ate a lot of processed cereals. My favorite was Cocoa Puffs, and I also fondly remember eating Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Count Chocula, Booberry, Cheerios, etc. People seem to have more of a health conscious today and are eating less processed foods, but in the 70’s, it was acceptable.

When Oliver asked for his second bowl and started reading the box while slurping his Cheerios, I had to laugh. It looked just like me over 30 years ago.